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By Molly E. Holzschlag | March 13th, 2006 | Filed in WaSP Announcement

On March 13, 2006 at SxSW Interactive in Austin, Texas, WaSP unveils a redesigned site.

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We’ve teased you for far too long, asked you to wait, to be patient. We’ve made promises you probably began to think we wouldn’t ever keep. Well, here’s our long awaited gift to you, the new WaSP redesign.

Many WaSPs have gathered in Austin, Texas at SXSW Interactive. For the past several years we’ve held our annual meeting at the event, mostly due to the fact that more WaSP members are found in one place during SXSW than any other time.

Last year during our meeting, which we held after hours in a public area within the conference center, Robert Scoble and Marc Canter came over and tried to engage us in a conversation. Having only an hour to get through WaSP business, I stung them both with a “sorry, we’re having a closed meeting.”

Aching from the sting, Scoble posted about the incident, which he felt showed WaSP in a bad light. Conversations via his blog ensued, which ultimately inspired the formation of the WaSP / Microsoft Task Force.

Within WaSP, discussions as to a site redesign and the opening up of comments and the WaSP itself to greater public participation continued. These discussions, combined with Scoble’s response, brought us to the realization that we wanted to take WaSP in new directions.

The results? This newly redesigned site fresh with comments and trackback support for your input as well as an open meeting for all attendees of SXSW to enjoy. It is on behalf of all of WaSP I invite you to take a look around and encourage you to participate in what we believe will be a new era of activity and success for the advancement of the Web standards movement.

Austin, Texas 2006

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