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IE 7 Beta Preview 2 Out Now

By Ian Lloyd | March 21st, 2006 | Filed in Browsers, General

Microsoft announce release of IE 7 beta 2 after which no more CSS fixes will be addressed – this is as far as it goes for version 7.

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For those who missed it yesterday, Microsoft announced the ‘refresh’ release of IE 7 beta 2 at the MIX 06 conference in Las Vegas. According to some web sites, this Beta 2 preview was not going to be made public but this page says otherwise. The Beta 2 release is “layout complete”, or in other words, the rendering engine and CSS interpretation are exactly as they will be in the final public version. As such, you can test on this browser and be sure that the proverbial goalposts will not be moved later on. Get testing, people.

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