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Microformat Extensions for Dreamweaver

By Drew McLellan | March 30th, 2006 | Filed in Adobe TF, General

As part of our remit to encourage the use of web standards amongst the Dreamweaver community, the DWTF has produced a suite of extensions to help make working with Microformats easy.

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Part of the remit of the Dreamweaver Task Force is to work with the online user community to encourage and assist in the adoption of web standards. Whilst a lot of our effort to date has been to work alongside Macromedia (after all, there is little point us tell you to use standards if the tool makes it hard to do so), there are some things not reasonable to expect the Dreamweaver engineers to tackle right away.

One such example is Microformats. As a rapidly evolving area of development, it makes sense to implement support as an extension rather than wait for another product cycle to come around only to find the state of the art has changed. Extensions are fairly quick to implement and can be easily updated with time.

The DWTF thought it would be good if we produced some basic extensions to help provide support for Microformats in Dreamweaver. A public beta is available today.

In this release we have support for hCalendar, hCard, rel-license, rel-tag and XFN, which is a strong start. Hopefully we can improve these based on feedback, as well as adding some more in the future.

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