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Protecting the Children

By Porter Glendinning | April 1st, 2006 | Filed in April Fools

WaSP and PANIC announce new recommendation for Child-safe Hypertext Markup Language.

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The Web Standards Project, in conjunction with the Parents Against Needless Injuries in Computing, is proud to announce today the Child-safe Hypertext Markup Language specification. CSHTML replaces the dangerously sharp angle brackets used in HTML with rounder, more friendly parentheses.

“This new recommendation is a critical step in stemming the tide of bracket-related injuries among young people today,” according to PANIC spokesman, Yul Putcher-Iout. “CSHTML will revolutionize the teaching curricula of computer classes in elementary schools. We believe this will make it possible to safely extend these classes to children as young as nine years old.”

Also removed in CSHTML are the slashes in element closing tags. In their place asterisks, or stars, are used. “We feel,” says Putcher-Iout, “that the repetitive slashing in HTML is far too violent for our children to be exposed to. Now, instead, every time a child closes a tag properly he or she will get a self-esteem-boosting star.”

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