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No, this isn’t a comedy routine with the fabulous John Pinette taking the stage. It’s part of an ongoing tragic saga of Web sites that are browser-specific. Nothing new there, as we all know. In this case, they’re all Microsoft sites, alas, and even Robert Scoble is just saying no.

While some people have recently commented that WaSP’s voice has been neutralized by our relationship with Microsoft via the WaSP Microsoft Task force, I beg to differ. Those of us here at WaSP that are working to help support the developers within Microsoft as they make their software more standards-compliant know all too well that there is a snakepit of complexity involved, a reality with which any working Web professional is sure to be familiar.

But let’s separate ourselves for a moment from the software developers who are working to promote standards from within, and it’s pretty darned clear that if Robert Scoble himself is going to boycott IE-only Microsoft sites, that says there’s more work to do. Much more.

Currently, there are no Microsoft site designers and developers active on the WaSP Microsoft Task Force. Maybe it’s time we find the right people and build the bridge. After all, if Microsoft can use the standards cry as a public relations strategy as they shore up support for the upcoming IE7 and related design products, and work closely with WaSP to create smoother relations with the design and development community, they certainly can pony up sites that work for everyone.

IE-only sites? I say Nay Nay, Microsoft.

Need or want help? Then just talk to us and the community at large. I’m sure we’ve proven we’ll be more than happy to help.

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#1 On May 8th, 2006 4:38 pm