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Microsoft Expression Preview Release

By Holly Marie Koltz | May 15th, 2006 | Filed in Authoring Tools, General, Microsoft, Web Standards (general)

Set to debut in June of 2006 Microsoft has publically released a free trial preview of its newest web authoring tool, Microsoft Expression Web Designer.

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In what appears to be about a month ahead of schedule, Microsoft has released a Community Technology Preview (CTP) of its standards-based Microsoft Expression Web Designer (code-named Quartz). The free trial will expire in February of 2007. More information about the trial at the preview FAQ).

Earlier this year, Eric Meyer commented about the web design software in his Mixed Impressions post about his experience at MixO6:

Microsoft is coming out with a new Windows-only Web design tool called Expression. It’s pretty slick, with features like visually illustrating margins and padding in the design view and what seemed like smart management of styles. Unfortunately, I had a little trouble following what it was doing, mostly because I saw it presented in a talk and didn’t have hands-on time.

With this free trial available, people can start getting some hands-on experience with the software and see how well it works. Though it is in beta format or a preview release, I hear there are some very nice features in this software.

Microsoft offers a preview of the software features at Web Designer Product Tours and Demos and more info at the Features link.

Also see First Look at Expression Web Designer – May 2006 CTP by Cheryl D Wise. Microsoft has also set up a Discussion Forum.

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