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By Rob Dickerson | May 22nd, 2006 | Filed in Education, Education TF, General

José Trudel instructs students with a focus on emerging technologies, standards, and skills; providing a strong foundation needed for today’s web professional.

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Back in the early days of the Web, most Web developers were self-taught. Opportunities for formal training were limited and Web developers continually searched for new sources of information pertaining to Web design and development. Along the way we picked up some bad habits. We began to use tables for layout. We wrapped our text with font elements. We stopped using h elements. At the same time, formal training programs began to appear. Unfortunately, many of these programs began to teach the same bad practices.

The first objective of the WaSP Education Task Force is to “Encourage instruction of Web standards and accessibility best practices in all Web design, interactive media, informational and computer science programs in order to prepare students for Web-related careers.” During the past year, the Education Task Force has discovered that a number of programs have been moving in the direction of teaching Web standards and best practices.

Steph Troeth had the opportunity to interview José Trudel, a teacher in design in the “professional” branch at Cégep de Saint-Jérôme in the Laurentides, Quebec, Canada. The Cégep system has two branches of study; the “professional” branch and the “pre-university” branch. Find out how José prepares the next generation of web professionals for the job market.

This interview also available in French.

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