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It’s always interesting to see Web Standards used in a setting outside the browser. Did you know, for instance, that the chat client Adium can be skinned using CSS?

JavaScript is showing up in more and more desktop apps. Apple’s Dashboard and Yahoo’s widgets (formerly Konfabulator) are the obvious examples. But don’t forget that JavaScript can also be used to script PDFs.

DOM Scripting Task Force member Chris Heilmann has been getting to grips with a new use for JavaScript outside the web browser. Read all about scripting a chat client using JavaScript over on his blog. As he points out, it’s the simplicity of Web Standards that make them so useful and versatile:

vendors of larger software packages have recognized this low learning curve as an opportunity and started supporting HTML, CSS and JavaScript as means of improving or adding own components to their products.

So remember, those skills you’re learning for today’s web browsers might come in handy for tomorrow’s desktop apps.

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