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JavaScript was just one of the items on the menu at this year’s @media conference in London. The panel on JavaScript libraries featured Simon Willison, Stuart Langridge, Peter-Paul Koch, Dan Webb and the host with the most, Cameron Adams. It was a highly entertaining romp through the pros and cons of using other people’s code. Simon has posted his notes from the panel. An audio recording will be available in the future; subscribe to the @media podcast if you want to hear it.

The DOM Scripting Task Force was well represented during the conference as well as afterwards. At the @media social, Ian Forrester posed some questions to PPK, Christian Heilmann, Dean Edwards and myself. It was (partially) recorded on video, along with the CSS Chat Show and the Accessibility Game Show. The videos are available for your downloading pleasure.

There’ll be more London-based JavaScript goodness at the Web Standards Group London Meetup when Christian delivers a presentation on Maintainable JavaScript.

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