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The Web Standards Group (not to be confused with the Web Standards Project) is a grassroots organisation based in Australia dedicated to promoting web standards and accessibility. The organisation’s activities have now spread to the other side of the world.

The first Web Standards Group event in London was held last Friday. The sold-out event was organised by Stuart Colville and featured two presentations. Andy Budd talked about web standards and the history of the screw (I guess you had to be there). Christian Heilmann talked about maintainable JavaScript. Both talks were recorded and are available via podcast.

The subject of maintainable, well-written code seems to elicit some strong reactions. Seasoned developers respond scornfully by saying that this kind of advice is obvious and goes without saying. If it’s so obvious, why is the advice to rarely put into practice?

In my opinion, this kind of straightforward, practical advice can’t be repeated often enough. That’s why I recommend you read Christian’s article in Think Vitamin. It’s packed full of good advice.

There’s more JavaScript goodness to be found in Christian’s new book, Beginning JavaScript with DOM Scripting and AJAX.

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