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Acid2 and Opera 9 Clarifications: Yes, Opera 9 Passes the Test

By Molly E. Holzschlag | July 20th, 2006 | Filed in Acid2, Action, General

There’s been a bit of confusion over the Acid2 test and Opera 9 results. Ian Hickson has provided WaSP with the following clarifications about the Acid2 test and how things should behave. Hopefully, this insight will serve to clarify why some people are reporting issues in Opera 9 compliance.

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From Ian:

  1. The image changes when you scroll: Not a bug. This is part of the
    test’s checking of fixed positioning.
  2. The image changes when you resize the window such that the text in the becomes jagged when you zoom in. It should not; just like the text, it should remain smooth.
  3. The image breaks dramatically if you enable “Fit to Width” mode: This is a standards compliance bug, but it is by design. Fit to Width works by ignoring the specs. In this case, however, it shouldn’t need to change anything, and is therefore IMHO a bug; but it is not something that affects whether the browser complies to the test or not since anything that happens in “Fit to Width” mode is done with the understanding that it will probably violate the specs.
  4. The image breaks dramatically if you enable “Small Screen” mode: Same as “Fit to Width” mode, but more so.
  5. The image breaks if you change any of the user rendering preferences (e.g. colours, fonts): Not a bug. If you change the preferences, then you are changing how you want the test to look. Tests should only be tested with all the preferences set to their initial values.
  6. The eyes go orange if you view the test zoomed in or zoomed out: This is a bug. The image should get bigger as you zoom in, but it should not change colour. Another bug is that the nose becomes jagged when you zoom in. It should not; just like the text, it should remain smooth.
  7. The nose goes blue if you hover it: Not a bug. This is part of the test.
  8. The eyes disappear and show red if you disable images then reenable them: This is a bug. The eyes should disappear (and say “ERROR”, if I’m not mistaken) when you disable images, but when you reenable them, they should return to the normal rendering.

So in conclusion: There are some standards compliance bugs (6 and 8 above), they are both exposed by the more advanced features that Opera has compared to other browsers. There are also a couple of minor UI bugs (2, 3, 4), but they don’t affect the WaSP’s mission.

An additional note from HÃ¥kon Lie points out that “When taking the test, you should use the default settings of the browser you are testing. Changing the zoom level, minimum font
size, applying a fit-to-width algorithm, or making other changes may alter the rendition of the Acid2 page without this constituting a failure in compliance.”

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