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The following three links need to be in one place, once and for all:

Here’s the backstory:

Eighteen months ago, I was approached by a longtime friend who works in wedding photography and wanted a proof of concept for serving video (so that he could develop and sell that service, of course). In his previous life this client was a project manager for a Very Large Consultancy and swore by Microsoft platforms, which meant IE-only development over my objections.

This same IE-only development continues as needed, to this day — the video side of my client’s operations has become immensely successful.

Imperative platform limitations notwithstanding, I discovered that producing valid and effective plugin markup is a nightmare. I’ve spent untold hours trying first to learn how on my own, then giving up in frustration and instead searching for tested examples. The list above is my latest leap toward a complete list of such examples.


Joe Clark points out that he’s been on top of this issue for a couple of years now.

As for SWFObject, it serves a purpose that I might have someday in the face of a tight deadline, relaxed project requirements, or a requirement for the most recent version of Flash. However, I’ve been through every line of SWFObject’s code and can state with confidence that while it obeys the letter of the W3C Recommendations, it totally disregards their spirit.

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