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By Rob Dickerson | September 26th, 2006 | Filed in Education, Education TF, General, Web Standards (general)

Hailing from Sweden, Lars Gunther, (relatively unknown to the Web guru world), takes on a sizable challenge and project to educate and advocate Web standards and curriculum change in his country’s educational system.

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Lars Gunther is an educator in gymnasium (senior high/secondary school) from a small town in Sweden. Lars freely admits that he is not a well-known person. When the Education Task Force first approached Lars Gunther proposing an interview, Lars had one stipulation; that he not be portrayed as a web guru. Although not famous, we found Lars to be a tireless advocate for change. We also discovered that one person can make an impact.

During the past year Lars Gunther has been working for change that would affect the entire gymnasium system. What were the challenges? How did he overcome adversity? Read the interview.

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