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Recent Accessibility Podcasts

By Derek Featherstone | November 24th, 2006 | Filed in Accessibility, Web Standards (general)

Join ATF members Bruce Lawson and Patrick Lauke on some recent podcasts (with transcripts available).

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Accesibility Task Force members Patrick Lauke and Bruce Lawson have been involved in a couple of podcasts recently. Bruce and Patrick put on a show at the highly regarded Geek in the Park Picnic, held August 27, 2006 at Royal Leamington Spa (Warwickshire, UK).

Patrick describes their talk where the rubber meets the road: web accessibility and pragmatism as:

rambling at times (the whole podcast does clock in at around one and a half hours), riddled with swear words, but hopefully also provocative and entertaining.


Patrick was also busy talking with the fellows over at the WebAxe podcast. He tells us:

you can enjoy my hour long rant about my checkered past,, the WaSP ATF and some of my usual hobby horses … plus a bonus rant at misguided people who ask “Why don’t blind people sue car manufacturers for not making cars accessible to the blind?”



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