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According to Peter-Paul Koch the new Dutch accessibility laws are pretty sweeping and “go way beyond WCAG“. Better yet, they read like a veritable blueprint for modern standards based web development:

A few examples will show you where Dutch government accessibility is heading. As of 1 September last year, every website built for a government agency is required by law to use:

  • valid HTML 4.01 or XHTML 1.0
  • CSS and semantic HTML and separation of structure and presentation
  • progressive enhancement
  • the W3C DOM (instead of the old Microsoft document.all)
  • meaningful values of class and id
  • meaningful alt attributes on all images


  • scripts that work on links should extend the basic link functionality (think accessible popups)
  • if a link makes no sense without a script, it shouldn’t be in the HTML (but be generated by JavaScript)
  • use of forms or scripts as the only means of getting certain information is prohibited
  • removing the focus rectangle on links is prohibited
  • information offered in a closed format (think Word) should also be offered in an open format
  • the semantics of many HTML elements are explicitly defined

Go read PPK’s blog for the full skinny.

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