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All of you reading this post will agree with me that even given our chorus of voices, we can’t sing enough praises about Molly for her energy and all the work she undertakes in what she strongly believes in. Nor can we match in harmony with her gift to communicate, share her ideas and convincingly persuade that best Web practices is more than the way of the future — it has already begun.

Molly helped to drive the Web Standards Project away from merely pure evangelism to making real connections with driving forces behind browsers, software and Web applications. It was a giant leap of faith, behind which lurks the understanding that building bridges — not burning them — is the most constructive way to move ahead with the vision of a universal Web.

On behalf of the WaSP, I congratulate Molly on her new role at Microsoft. We are incredibly proud of you. Need we say we are already looking forward to hearing more on The Daily Molly?

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#1 On January 31st, 2007 3:14 am