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A passion and hope I had during my years as Group Lead for the Web Standards Project was to reach out and create a network with peers around the globe. After all, this is the World Wide Web, right? It made sense to me that in order to advance our mission that being inclusive rather than exclusive was a more natural choice.

To that end, I began to think about a new kind of group for WaSP. This group would not be a Task Force or committee, rather, a working group dedicated to sharing resources globally. The vision was to provide a locus for translation, networking, information exchange and even face-to-face meetups wherever possible. The group would be inclusive of individuals as well as other groups, connecting various national organizations and providing stronger professional resources for web developers and designers worldwide.

Knowing that personal changes were coming soon for me, I was somewhat hesitant to put forth the idea, fearing I’d leave a new idea in the wake of an old challenge I’d faced so long with WaSP. Grass roots, volunteer organizations are very difficult to manage as obviously individual priorities such as paid work and family must take precedence over volunteer time. But I proposed my idea anyway, and am so very happy I did.

After my proposal, the group began to not only grow but self-organize democratically. Now, the ILG is formally led by two incredibly dedicated women, Stephanie Troeth and Glenda Sims, whose individual contributions to professionalism and excellence in our industry are simply outstanding. Together with an astonishingly diverse and talented group of people from around the world, this progressive, inclusive vision is moving forward with passion and grace.

So it is with great pride and true joy that I introduce to you today the Web Standards Project International Liaison Group.

With love always,

Molly E. Holzschlag
Former Group Lead, Web Standards Project (WaSP)

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