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To say that the W3C has been working on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.0 for some time would be an understatement. The first public working draft for WCAG 2 was posted on January 25, 2001 – a full 6 years ago. Just less than a year ago the last call, working draft of WCAG 2 was published, looking for comments and feedback from the community about the suitability of the guidelines.

The guidelines received mixed reaction from developers and accessibility specialists from around the world. One should not be surprised by this – even within the Accessibility Task Force we were not able to come to a concensus-based “joint position” on the last call. So, what should be done? Is there a way forward?

I suspect we’ll see a wide range of opinion on this – Joe Clark has written his position in: Letter to Tim Berners-Lee: Time to cancel WCAG 2. Is cancelling WCAG 2 the way forward? Should the W3C stay the course with their process and continue to develop the guidelines further? Is some other strategy more appropriate?

What to do with WCAG 2?

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