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Apollo alphas released

By Aaron Gustafson | March 19th, 2007 | Filed in Emerging Technology

Today Adobe released the first alpha of their new cross-operating system runtime, codenamed Apollo.

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For a while now, people have been making desktop widgets using (X)HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but soon designers and developers will have the opportunity to create full-blown desktop applications using the web standards troika as well. This will all be possible using Adobe’s new cross-platform runtime environment, codenamed Apollo.

Today Adobe released the first alpha of the Apollo runtime environment as well as an SDK and other associated developer tools (the developer downloads require registration). This first alphas only support developing Apollo applications in Flex, a close relative of Flash that is geared toward application development and rich client interfaces, but according to Adobe the next beta should support (X)HTML-based applications. They have not given a time frame for the beta release, however.

Apollo promises to open up a whole new world for designers and developers, allowing us to make our mark on more than just the web as well as allowing us to bring the web experience offline to users on any operating system (I can’t wait to see what people come up with). Plus, as Apollo is built on Webkit, it will have excellent standards support right out of the gate, and I think we can all appreciate what a blessing that is.

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