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With tongue firmly in cheek, DOM Scripting Task Force member Dean Edwards says:

Just what the world needs, another JavaScript library.

That hasn’t stopped him from creating Yet Another JavaScript Library Without Documentation™. But this isn’t a big full-featured library along the lines of jQuery or YUI. Instead, this works more along the lines of Dean’s famous IE7 script: it’s a patch for current browsers. For example, it fixes Internet Explorers buggy implentation of getAttribute and setAttribute. It also fixes broken browser implementations of the event handling addEventListener method:

So, as you can see, it doesn’t do much. But what it does, it does consistently across a lot of platforms.

If you’re finding cross-browser DOM Scripting to be a real hassle, this could be just what you need. It creates a level playing field. You won’t get any fancy animations or $ shortcuts but you will get peace of mind for 20K. This probably isn’t a script for beginners but if you’re an advanced developer, you might appreciate the power this gives you.

I don’t think I’d really call this a library. It’s more like a band-aid for browsers. But if you are thinking of putting together your own library or band-aid, Dean has provided rules for JavaScript library authors. In a nutshell, make it small, flexible and standards-based.

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