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Bringing standards to Microsoft

By Aaron Gustafson | April 2nd, 2007 | Filed in Browsers, Microsoft, Web Standards (general)

WaSP Emeritus (and former fearless leader) Molly Holzschlag is settling into her new position at Microsoft this week and has begun reporting from the trenches with an overview of what she’ll be doing while she’s there.

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Today’s update from Molly outlines what she’ll be doing in the capacity of standards evangelist within Microsoft. Having made the rounds and talked to people throughout the organization, she’s settled on the following hats to wear:

  • Developer and designer community liaison – essentially continuing what she was doing here at WaSP with the MS Task Force
  • Vendor Interoperability Liaison – You heard that right, Microsoft wants to play nice in the sandbox… no more browser wars
  • Strategic consulting for standards implementation in Microsoft Web-related products – An obvious fit for Molly
  • Acquiring and producing educational content related to aspects of working with standards – She’s blogged about this before, but Molly’s essentially in charge of getting standards-oriented content up on MSDN

Molly is quick to point out that Rome wasn’t built in a day, of course, and there’s a lot of working to do over the coming days, weeks, years and decades. But one thing is very clear, people are interested, listening, and best of all, enthusiastic.

This all sounds promising, I can’t wait to start seeing the fruits of her work there.

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