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Tomorrow, May 1st, is Blogging Against Disablism Day. Started by a group of individuals in the UK, last year’s participation included nearly one hundred and fifty blog responses. From the call for participation:

On Tuesday, May 1st—or as near to as you are able—post something on the subject of Disabilism, Ableism, or Disability Discrimination (see Language Amnesty). You can write on any subject, specific or general, personal, social or political, anything which states an objection to the differential treatment of disabled people.

So get out there and make yourself heard, blog, perhaps even design a new logo for the cause (wink). It’s May 1st already in the origin of the Sun, so I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Dr. Alex Cavalli, of the IC2 Institute.

With the advance of bio- and nanotechnology, coupled with modern convergent media, we can look forward to the possibility of having the word ‘disabled’ retired from our vocabulary. We will speak, instead, in terms of how enabled we are.

Hat tip: Kathy Keller and Julia Gregory on the Accessibility SIG list.

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