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Education Task Force Curriculum Survey

By Rob Dickerson | June 13th, 2007 | Filed in Action, Curriculum, Education, Education TF, General, Web Standards (general)

The Web Standards Project Education Task Force has created a curriculum survey and seeks input from educational professionals.

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A little over a year ago, WaSP member and Education Task Force Co-lead Holly Marie Koltz wrote “On Quality Education”. Holly wrote about the difficulty in finding quality programs in higher education that teach best practices. Students find that they have to learn best practices on their own. Unfortunately, this has not changed much in the past year. Institutions continue to teach outdated practices and students continue to learn bad practices. Other educators who propose classes in modern Web design and development often face opposition by colleagues in their program. While yet others are looking for guidance in the conversion of their program.

From time to time, the Task Force has been contacted by educational professionals who are teaching Web standards and best practices in their programs.

The WaSP Education Task Force and W3C Quality Assurance Interest Group propose the creation of a curriculum framework to help educators teach best practices in Web design and development more effectively. Upon completing modules in such a curriculum, a student should have sound knowledge of best practices and a solid foundation upon which to build.

If you are an educator or have influence over curriculum, we would like your input with regard to this subject. We have created a short survey as a first step to accomplish this task. The survey is brief and includes nine questions.

If you have additional comments or questions, please email us at

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