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What’s the best test for Acid3?

By Kimberly Blessing | January 16th, 2008 | Filed in Acid2, Acid3, Browsers, Web Standards (general)

Now that all the major browsers (and many minor ones) have pledged support for Acid2, Ian Hickson has moved on to preparing Acid3 — and you can help!

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Perhaps you expected this announcement, given the news that IE8 passes Acid2. Or maybe it already seems like old news, if you caught the recent Slashdot post. In either case, the news is true — Acid3 will be coming soon!

Whereas Acid2 tested static HTML and CSS, Acid3 will focus on ECMAScript and DOM — the dynamic side of the Web. While it will include a few rendering tests to make things look interesting, the core of the test will be 100 scripting subtests.

And that is where you can contribute! Ian has compiled 84 of the 100 scripts but is seeking 16 additional tests. If you’re up to the challenge, read the criteria, create your test, and submit it — within the next five days!

As with Acid2, the Web Standards Project will play host to Acid3… so stay tuned for the final test, and the play-by-play on the browsers’ progress!

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