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Over at A List Apart today is Aaron Gustafson’s article Beyond DOCTYPE: Web Standards, Forward Compatibility, and IE8, introducing a controversial proposal from Microsoft that developers should start locking their pages into set browser versions.

Although members of the WaSP Microsoft Task Force were very much involved in this proposal, it is important to re-emphasise that this proposal is not one that every member of the Web Standards Project necessarily backs by default. Like many of you, many of us will (and do) have our own concerns about this and what it could mean for the web if enacted.

However, that doesn’t mean we should dismiss it out of hand. A great deal of thought and research by people who know what web standards development means has gone into this. As a proposal, this should be greeted with the feedback and input it deserves. If Microsoft believe they have a solution which carries merit, then let’s look at that closely as a community of designers, developers and browser vendors, all together. This sort of discussion cannot happen in isolation.

So go ahead, read the article and the accompanying opinion piece by Eric Meyer, consider what that proposal may mean to you and join in with the discussion.

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