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Acid3 nearing completion

By Kimberly Blessing | February 5th, 2008 | Filed in Acid3, Browsers, CSS, DOM

If you’re a fan of the Acid browser tests, you already know that Acid3 is in the works. It’s now in a “final review” state, so please check it out and submit your feedback.

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As noted previously, Ian Hickson has been hard at work on the Acid3 browser test. We’re happy to report that his work is nearly done!

Acid3 is a complex test compared to Acid1 and Acid2. The Web is increasingly becoming a platform for application development, so Acid3 tests many of the DOM2 and ECMAScript specifications, in addition to markup languages, CSS, SVG, and others. A complete list of specifications tested will be available when the test launches, along with a guide to the test.

Due to the complexity of the test, we’re asking for a final round of feedback to ensure its fairness and accuracy. Please review the test and submit your comments here or .

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