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As part of the outreach work we’re doing in partnership with the W3C’s CSS Working group, we invited all web professionals to tell the Working Group what they want from the next version of the spec.

As the Working Group’s face-to-face meeting is at the end of March, we will close comments on March 10 2008 to give fantasai a chance to gather your input together to take to the group.

How to comment

Please read the original call for participation and add your ideas in the comments. If your idea needs a long explanation or diagrams, please publish them to your webspace and link to it. You can comment as an individual, a representative of a group or organisation or anonymously. All ideas are gratefully received.

After the comments have closed

fantasai will take the ideas to the CSS Working Group and feedback to us once the ideas have been looked at. Meanwhile, the comments that you leave will be migrated to a wiki to be hosted on for further community development and collaboration.

You can still participate in the CSS3 working group via their www-style mailing list, which is open to everybody.

Your Replies

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