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New Initiative in Hyper-Localized Social Tagging

By Porter Glendinning | April 1st, 2008 | Filed in April Fools

From marking books to tagging people, it’s the logical progression.

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Following on the heels of the highly successful Street Team bookmark initiative, The Web Standards Project is pleased to announce a new opportunity for you to spread the good word of Web standards to the people around you. It occurs to us that books don’t build crappy Web sites; people who read crappy books build crappy Web sites. While marking books was a great first step, we need to move beyond that to get at the root cause of the problems in our industry.

Now, leveraging the very latest in hyper-localized social tagging, you can help alert others to the people around you who are hurting the Web. Simply download the official WaSP Warning Labels, print them out, and you will be ready to tag the people around you who have yet to see the light. Whether it’s the stuffed shirt in your project meetings who keeps putting off talking about accessibility because, “No blind people use our site,” or that developer who still refers to a dog-eared copy of Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML 3.2 in 14 Days, you’ll be able to tag them all.

Download now! (100KB PDF, Avery #3261 Large Label format)

Photos of your tags in action can be posted to our Flickr group.

The Web Standards Project accepts no responsibility for what users of these labels might choose to affix them to, or the ramifications — monetary, physical, or otherwise — resulting therefrom.

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