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Acid3 Passed in 23 Days!

By Kimberly Blessing | April 7th, 2008 | Filed in Acid3, Browsers

On March 3, the Web Standards Project launched the Acid3 Browser Test. On March 26, two browser teams reported that their builds passed.

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Just over a month ago, WaSP announced the Acid3 Browser Test. At the time, we knew that some of the browser development teams were aggressively working to pass the test. What we didn’t know was how long it would take for a browser to pass the test.

“When we released Acid2, the first browser passed it in about a fortnight. Acid3 is orders of magnitude more complicated. I really didn’t expect to see passing browsers this side of August, let alone within a month,” wrote Ian Hickson, the architect of the test, on his blog.

Well, now we know: It took under a month for not one but two browsers to pass the test. On March 26, the WebKit team announced that their public build produced a 100/100 result; Opera announced that they had an internal build which passed on the same day and they released the build on March 28. Congratulations to both teams!

In the past month we’ve received plenty of about the test. Thanks to the help of readers and browser developers, some bugs were identified and resolved. To learn more about the changes that were made as a result, read Ian’s post which lists the major changes.

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