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Showing Off My <body> and Loving It

By Christopher Schmitt | April 7th, 2008 | Filed in Education, General, HTML/XHTML, Outreach, Training, Web Standards (general)

I’m so tired of people half-assing it on Casual Day, but Naked Day? Now you have my full attention

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The third CSS Naked Day will be held on Wednesday, April 9. This annual event is intended to promote the POSH portion of the Web Standards trinity by having designers and developers remove all CSS from a Web site — thereby stripping it of its design and thus underscoring the concept of separation of presentation and content.

To get involved, just delete or comment any references to CSS on your Web site during Wednesday.

Exhibitionists can even advertise their page’s nakedness on the official event site. Also included on the site is a PHP function to automatically remove CSS references from your site for the big day.

Why won’t WaSP get naked?

The Web Standards Project Web site gets a lot of traffic each day from curious folks who are new to Web Standards and may not yet understand concepts like POSH and progressive enhancement. We want them to see a styled site on each and every visit so they can witness these practices in action. And as one might suspect, it’s hard to teach with your drawers showing, much less off your <body>.

That said, many popular Web developer tools (including the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar and the Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox/Flock and Seamonkey) give a user the ability to easily disable CSS, thus rendering the same unstyled experience whenever you want and not just on one day.

So, please give these tools a try to see how WaSP structures its sting and be sure to enjoy CSS Naked Day this Wednesday.

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