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The W3C‘s Mobile Web Test Suites Working Group have just announced a new suite of tests for mobile devices. In the spirit of the Acid tests, the test results are returned in an easily grokable visual manner—the green squares are desirable, the red squares mean a feature isn’t yet supported.

The URL you need to point your mobile device to is:

That’s a bit of a fingerful so there’s also this short version:

But if that’s too hard to remember, i maded u a url: (let’s say it stands for “web test” but really I chose those letters because it’s short and they’re the first letters on the 9 and 8 keys of a T9 keyboard).

Or if your phone can read , give your fingers a rest and point your phonecam at this image.

Once you’ve tested your device, you can send a picture of the results to and it will be added to the screenshot gallery. If you have any feedback on the test itself, join in the discussion on the group list: Be sure to read the test documentation first though.

On your marks, get set, test!

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