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Opera Web Standards Curriculum

By Rob Dickerson | July 8th, 2008 | Filed in CSS, Curriculum, Education, HTML/XHTML, Outreach, Web Standards (general)

Chris Mills of Opera Software ASA announced today the release of the Opera Web Standards Curriculum. The initial 23 of 50 proposed articles are published and available.

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The curriculum is intended to provide a comprehensive set of tutorials designed to raise the level of education and Web Standards awareness. The curriculum has been released under a Creative Commons license and is free to use and share.

Chris states:

We think it will be useful to anyone who wants to learn or teach client-side web design/development “the right way”, including students and teachers at schools or universities, trainers and employees inside companies, etc. It already has support from several universities and large companies, including Yahoo!

Translations and packaging of the curriculum as PDFs is on the to-do list.

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