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Do W3C member organizations follow W3C recommendations? Marko Karppinen wanted to know. Six months ago, Marko tested all 506 W3C member sites and found that only 18 used valid HTML or XHTML. Put another way, only 3.7% of W3C members followed W3C recommendations. Put yet another way, 96.3% of W3C member sites ignored W3C standards. Marko vowed to run his tests every six months.

Yesterday he ran the test again. Of 467 current W3C members (of which 454 have websites), 21 sites—or 4.6%—used valid HTML, up 24% from the February test. Put another way, today only 95.4% of W3C members ignore W3C standards. Isn’t that thrilling? Can’t you feel the progress? (Neither can we.) Members with valid sites include Opera Software, Motorola, and the HTML Writers Guild, Inc. We salute them and we salute Marko for creating and publishing his test. Let’s hope the results improve six months from now.

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