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In a recent interview with Jeffrey Zeldman, Meet the Maker’s Brian Alvey complains that his role in WaSP “always gets overlooked.” Zeldman suggests that Alvey just might be overestimating his influence, but despite that lil’ snipe, goes on to set the record straight about the history of WaSP and the role of the many people who worked collaboratively to make it happen.

For those readers interested in learning the history of WaSP and how we came to be, who we are today, and what the status of Web Standards is now, the Zeldman interview is quite informative. What’s more, you can read about a variety of contemporary standards concerns such as dealing with pixels versus ems, managing commercial sites using standards, and of course, a forward look on standards compatibility from Zeldman’s new book, Designing with Web Standards.

And yes, while there’s the ubiquitous Zeldman-in-hat picture gracing the interview’s home page, something about this one is just a little odd. You’ll want to go see for yourself.

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