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Tables have received so much bad press that some people think they’re completely out. Which, of course, is true for last centurie’s hodgepodge of spacer-gif-sliced-images-dozens-of-nested-tables nonsense.

But there is a perfectly good use for them, too: Tabular data! And if you want to make your tabular data tables not only standards compliant, but also accessible, this small list of links might help achieve that noble goal.

  • Building accessible tables – A nice little introduction by evolt author Tim Roberts. If you think tables are difficult, read this first .
  • How to Create Accessible Tables – A detailed "How-to" for both data and layout tables, by webaim author Paul Bohman
  • Accessible Tables – Jim Thatcher discusses three simple techniques that make data tables more accessible.
  • Techniques for Accessible HTML Tables – Stephen Ferg provides us with a very thorough discussion of techniques for complex statistical data tables. With a focus on current browser support, Section 508 and WAI compliance. This article contains everything you ever wanted to know about tables, and them some.
  • Accessible Table Builder – Another fine tool from Accessify. This accessible table builder – guess what! – automagically builds the accessible table for you. No assembly required.
  • Tables in the HTML4.01 Specification – Last but not least: The HTML4.01 Specification. Don’t leave home without it.

Et maintenant: Bon appétit!

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