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In a dramatic upset, perennial Mac browser also-ran iCab has edged out Linux browsing heavyweight Konqueror for second place in the Acid2 stakes.

Despite some recent controversy, Konqueror developers were able to use about half of Safari driver Dave Hyatt’s Acid2 efforts to boostrap their own successful Acid2 campaign.

Some great work by the Konqueror team, but the big story is none-more-dark-horse iCab’s stunning second-place finish (english translation) in the Acid2 race. A truly brilliant performance by the best little browser you probably never heard of.

With heavyweights Explorer, Firefox and Opera distracted by things like security and release schedules, the lesser-known browsers have shown their quality. But the real winners here are end users: the more browsers cross the finish line with Acid2, the easier it will be for web developers to support even niche browsers with rich presentation and the more viable browser choices end users will have.

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