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How to Create User-Friendly Pop-Under Ads

By Christian Heilmann | November 7th, 2005 | Filed in DOM, DOM Scripting TF

A pop-under ad that avoids the problem of blocking access to content.

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A friend of mine approached me with the request to advertise a special competition shared with another company on their site. For that, they wanted to use a pop-up window, which – not surprisingly – ended up being blocked by most stake holder’s computers.

The need for pop-unders arose – those ads showing up in the page and hiding when clicked. Looking at some premade scripts however, made me cringe: A lot of them do show the ads, but don’t check if the browser is capable of hiding them again – effectively blocking the way of the visitor.

In How to create pop-unders you can find a script and the necessary CSS examples to avoid this problem. Hopefully it helps.

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