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By Holly Marie Koltz | April 12th, 2006 | Filed in Education, Education TF, General

Lead Web developer Steve Smith and the University of Notre Dame Web Group tackle web standards and accessibility in original and exciting ways.

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Web standards are thriving at Notre Dame. Passion, patience, dedication, enthusiasm, and creative ideas are just few of the words that come to mind when one talks to the energetic Steve Smith, who joined the standards-committed University of Notre Dame Web Group as a lead developer.

The University of Notre Dame Web Group, formed through the Office of Public Affairs is responsible for the production of websites which embrace standards and accessibility at the university—though the work they do does not stop there. The group undertakes work on several strategic fronts, including work experience with student interns and taking part in the CMS procurement process. WaSP EduTF had the fortunate opportunity to interview Steve Smith about what is making a difference at the University of Notre Dame.

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#1 On April 12th, 2006 7:58 am WaSP eduTF Interview // Ordered List by Steve Smith replied:

[...] Over the past few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to be interviewed by the WaSP’s Education Task Force. It was a delightful experience, and I’m humbled to have been considered for this process. I, and my group at Notre Dame, are proud of what we have accomplished in our short tenure, but are more excited about the limitless work that is to come. We understand that there is a long way to go. A University as broad as Notre Dame is an endless supply of content. It’s our mission to take that content to the web in the most usable, accessible, and marketable solutions. [...]

#2 On April 12th, 2006 5:53 pm Emil Stenström replied:

I’m a student in a big university in sweden that has a terrible website. But I’m working on it. Students can get their chances to say what they think as student representatives if they play their cards right. I urge any students out there to do that!

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