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Faruk Ateş

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Faruk Ateş

Faruk Ateş is a web standards specialist at Apple, based in Silicon Valley, where he works on the continuous improvement of both web pages and the processes to create them. Having experience with both front- and back-end development as well as design and management, Faruk aims to improve the overall quality of websites by introducing better principles and techniques to all people involved in web productions and education.

Besides his blog, Faruk writes for books and online magazines on anything ranging from XHTML and CSS to JavaScript, Accessibility, SQL and design. When not writing on these subjects, Faruk can be found speaking about them at conferences. His personal ideas and projects, made to help shape the Internet, include technologies like FACE; a new approach to giving life to static websites.

In his spare time, Faruk enjoys music, photography, role playing games and anime. He is fascinated by Japan, technology and movies and hopes to finish his first screenplay before he turns 30.

Faruk lives life by the philosophies of Kaizen, a Japanese principle which can be translated as “continuous improvement.” The Kaizen approach originates from Japanese manufacturers, its goals including the elimination of waste, standardized work, Just in Time delivery and more.

Faruk applies the Kaizen principles to the Web by promoting modern approaches and methodologies, such as those found in the Web 2.0 principles as outlined by Tim O’Reilly and Dale Dougherty in What is Web 2.0. It all starts, however, by using the right tools for the right jobs: XHTML, CSS, unobtrusive DOM scripting and XML.

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