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WaSP DOM Scripting Task Force definitions

The WaSP DOM Scripting Task Force uses the following non-normative definitions:

A scripting technique for silently loading new data from the server. Although AJAX scripts commonly use the soon to be standardized XMLHttpRequest object, they could also use a hidden iframe or frame.

An AJAX script is useless by itself. It also requires a DOM Scripting component to embed the received data in the document.

An outdated scripting technique that is mainly characterized by the changes it makes to the style properties of certain elements, and by the use of the browser-specific DOMs document.layers and document.all.
DOM Scripting
A scripting technique to access and/or change the structure of a document by means of the W3C DOM. DOM Scripting covers virtually all scripting in web browsers, from simple form validation to complicated restructuring of the page after AJAX data have been received.
The Core JavaScript language as defined in the ECMA 262 specification. ECMAScript refers exclusively to those parts of JavaScript that make it behave like a programming language, independent of the environment in which the language is used. Therefore it does not include such interfaces as the DOM or Events.
The broadest and most general term, which encompasses all subsets mentioned on this page.
Microsoft’s proprietary name for its implementation of JavaScript. Use of this term is deprecated in contexts other than Microsoft-specific technologies.
Unobtrusive scripting
A scripting technique that separates behaviour and structure and makes sure the user agent is capable of supporting the script before it is applied.
Web pages using unobtrusive scripting are usable without JavaScript, but offer a richer user experience when JavaScript is supported.

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