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Graphics Guidelines

What?! There are even W3C Recommendations for graphics, too? Find out about SVG and PNG.

Learn about the W3C’s involvement at their Graphics on the Web page, including WebCGM (Computer Graphics Metafile), PNG (Portable Network Graphics) and SVG (Scalable Vector Format). Here are some links below to helpful information, tutorials, and resources at W3C and around the Web.


PNG W3C Recommendations

PNG Articles and Tutorials

  • Portable Network Graphics is the main home site for PNG information where you’ll find links and resources, a history of PNG, FAQs, more.


SVG W3C Recommendations

SVG Articles and Tutorials

  • An Introduction to Scalable Vector Graphics by J. David Eisenberg for, is an excellent introductory tutorial to SVG, including initialization, adding graphic elements, transformations, reusing graphics, grouping objects, rotation, other shapes and paths, adding text, filters. To learn the ins and out of SVG, check out David Eisenberg’s book, SVG Essentials, published by O’Reilly.

SVG Viewers and Tools

  • Download the free Adobe SVG viewer plugin for Macs and PCs, and now also for Linux and Solaris.
  • The Apache Software Foundation’s Batik project offers a
    Java-based suite of SVG-related tools, including an SVG viewer.
  • The W3C also lists quite a few SVG-related tools at its News section for creating SVG for the Web, XSLT graphical stylesheets, svg-importing animation tools, and more.

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