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Hot from the oven

By Tim Bray | June 5th, 2002 | Filed in General

Moz, Chimera, standards, beauty

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This morning I fetched Moz1.0 and Chimera 0.2.8 (a Gecko variant for OS X that uses the “Quartz” library for juicy anti-aliased fonts). Along with the IE5.1 that came with the Mac (I’d point to it, only for now it’s not a download), I now have three different browsers that are all very standards-friendly and all very good.

I have to say it’s not an obvious choice; IE has slicker buttons and controls, Mozilla has cool “skins” and the best mail/news/IRC integration; Chimera has ravishingly beautiful rendering and is noticeably faster. They all handle every page I go to (modulo Java, sigh). They’re competing against each other on usability, aesthetics, and performance! Feels very pleasingly normal.

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