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Today, Macromedia announced Macromedia Contribute, a new application that promises to make life easier for both standards-aware designers/developers and the clients who love them. Based on the Dreamweaver MX code engine, Contribute creates beautifully standards-compliant pages for people who both know nothing about markup and have no desire to learn anything about markup. Designers can create standards-compliant Dreamweaver templates, and Contribute users can then add and modify content using those templates, without the possibility of messing up either the markup or the design.

This product will allow designers to get back to the job of designing sites (rather than maintaining pages) and clients to maintain sites (rather than trying to track down the designer to get a phone number changed). Everyone gets to do their job without having to worry about breaking the site. Windows-only now, Mac OS X version sometime next year (our guess is Q2 ’03).

Congratulations and welcome, Contribute!

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