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One in the eye for IE

By Ian Lloyd | February 19th, 2003 | Filed in CSS

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It’s official, it’s standards-compliant and it doesn’t work properly in Internet Explorer on Windows – welcome to the new Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) section at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

The message of WaSP since it started has always been ‘code to standards, build browsers to standards and everyone will be happy’. However, most high profile web sites are still wary of shutting anyone out in any small way, so it’s very brave for the W3C to use a CSS property that fails in Win/IE – surely the browser that most of its visitors will use when visiting that page.

In standards-compliant browsers, the navigation remains fixed (like a framed navigation area), while for Win/IE it disappears off the page as you scroll down. But wait for the irony. If you are using a standards-compliant browser and you are using a window size of 800×600 or less, you might never be able to get to links at the bottom. Personally, though, I can’t think of any Mozilla/Netscape 7 users who would be running that kind of screen resolution …

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