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There’s a new resource on the web for French-speaking developers with an interest in supporting web standards. Openweb has finally been unleashed by standards advocate Tristan Nitot, and offers a wealth of information about W3C technologies including XHTML, CSS, the DOM and web accessibility.

The site includes links to the usual W3C specifications alongside French translations, a handy style switcher, a regular news update and a range of fresh articles which have been graded according to level of expertise from beginner to expert. However, the content is not merely aimed at developers, many of whom already understand the benefits of adhering to standards – it is also aimed at convincing business-people that web standards are a "Good Thing".

As a partial French speaker, I cannot personally comment on the quality of writing, but the effort in making the traditionally US English documents available in French should be applauded. Having taken a good look at much of the site, it seems very thorough and with the addition of new articles and news updates will become a very useful French resource for web standards.

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