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A couple o’ cool tools are now available—the kind you really want because you’ll actually use them. What’s more, they’re free.

First up is LogValidator, a new utility from the W3C that works using your server’s logs. It validates the most frequently visited pages allowing you to clean up your high-traffic areas first.

Next in line is the pnh toolbar for Mozilla and Netscape. Written by WaSP member Chris Casciano, this fantastic toolbar provides instant access to a wide range of standards resources, page tests, and developer tools. Toggle CSS off and on, outline elements and table cells to see a page’s layout, turn off images, and even show cookies and form details.

Right in step with the subject of WaSP notables, Meet the Makers had an interesting conversation with our very own Steve Champeon. Increasing the already mammoth number of “Scowling Steve” pictures on the Internet by one, this article is a great read. Find out everything you ever wanted to know about Mr. Champeon, his views, and uncover a bit of WaSP gossip, too.

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