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By Ian Lloyd | May 20th, 2003 | Filed in Browsers

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The Web Browser’s Unfinished Basement is an article in the E-Commerce Times that should appeal to Buzzblog readers (that’s this page, folks). The piece summarizes the recent developments in the browser world, pointing out that ‘featuritis’ (the nasty condition that has afflicted some browers in the past) is on its way out while adherence to standards and clear development road maps are becoming the norm. But one thing remains consistent: "Browsers are still rather flaky pieces of software". The author bemoans the fact that browsers everywhere are still heavily prone to crashing in ways that other software and operating systems are protected against.

On the same subject, Firebird (the Browser Formerly Known As Phoenix) has had a new release ( version 0.6 codename Glendale). There’s a new theme, improved bookmarking and it never crashes. Actually, I made that last point up.

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