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This is an alternative way to get the message out. Matt Robinsion developed the Wish You Were Here pages : a small site designed to advocate modern web design practice, with tips for web designers. Tips are arranged or grouped in categories from Design(Making your site attractive and usable.), to Coding(markup)(Writing better HTML and CSS), to Content(Improving your site content).

“Elegant, flexible designs, easier maintenance and lower bandwidth costs. Don’t you wish you were here? Look through these postcards for coding, design and content tips for your own sites, and if one of the sites you visit regularly doesn’t measure up, why not show them you care by emailing them the URL of an applicable card?” Matt Robinson on the page

On the front of accessibility, one may like to pass out the link or cards from another website. The WAI Quick Tips Reference can be quite helpful to many. The cards or list contain 10 key accessibility tips and the printed version will fit inside a wallet and are available for free.

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