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Much clearer error explanations and a new "fussy parsing" mode are the major new features of the latest W3C Validator Beta release:

“The big news in this version is internal support for custom and customizeable error explanations. This means an end to digging all over the net drying to figure out what an error message means; just turn on the "Verbose Output" option and the explanation will be displayed inline with each error message.”

“When the W3C Markup Validator is running in "Fussy Parsing" mode it will complain about all sorts of things that are technically legal in HTML, but which is known to be problematic in practice and probably not what you wanted.” Terje Bless, W3C Markup Validator Team

These improvements will certainly aid less experienced HTML authors in their quest for valid markup that works in all browsers.

For more details read the full announcement, or just go for it.

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