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If you’ve been following the news about hiding skip links using the CSS declarations display: none or visibility: hidden, you’ll know that screen readers may or may not be picking up the links. If you have a screen reader, you’ll want to see (and hear) the test suite What do Screen Readers Really Say? that Bob Easton has created. Currently, there’s a series of seven tests, including importing and linking the style, as well as other potential workarounds. So if you’ve got a screen reader, fire it on up and head on over, making sure to provide Bob your results.

Also, if you’re flummoxed or fuzzy about the realities regarding the patent folly underway between Eolas and Microsoft, IE, Flash, and Patents: Here comes trouble by Jeffrey Zeldman will help you grasp more clearly what’s going on and what the potential outcome of patent greed may mean for Web browsers, tools manufacturers, and oh yeah, the rest of us.

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